The bathroom is the easiest room to declutter. Not a lot of people store a lot of their sentimental belongings. It’s also easier to throw away items since these items such as medicine and make up have expiry dates and health risks if kept longer than they should be kept.

I began by removing everything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom. Throw away expired medicine and makeup (if you store your makeup there, to me, I prefer to keep that in my room).

I believe that the only things that should be your bathroom is…

  1. Shower supplies –> Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (either a bar of soap or a shower gel), shaving cream and a razor
  2. Hand towel and hand soap
  3. Toilet paper on a toilet roller
  4. Extra toilet paper
  5. Plunger and toilet brush
  6. Bathroom cleaning supplies
  7. Towel rack
  8. Garbage can
  9. Curtain and or blind if there’s any window(s) in the room
  10. Bath mats (one in front of the shower, in front of the toilet and by the sink)
  11. Shower curtain, rod and rings

Under the sink, I only like to store my bathroom cleaning products. The kitchen cleaning products are kept in the kitchen. I like to keep extra toilet paper under the sink as well. The rest of the supply is kept in the linen closet next to the bathroom.

In my opinion, it is so much easier to clean the tub when there isn’t any shower supplies in the tub, so that’s why I prefer to keep them under the sink. Before we had our container, I would have to lug out all of our products which is a lot between three people. All three of us have our own container where we place our shower supplies. This way the bottles don’t get covered in slim. I clean them off after every shower.

In my container, I make sure I only keep one of every thing I need (one shampoo, one conditioner, one shower gel, etc.) I keep my extras in my closet. I stocked up on my supplies when I went to school so I wouldn’t have to worry about that when I was studying so that’s why I have extras. I keep my extras I leave my towels in the linen closet.

Behind the mirror is where we store our bandaids and medicine.

After I had decluttered and got rid of everything that doesn’t belong, I begin to give the room a nice deep clean, by cleaning everything so it is nice and fresh.

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