Change of Plans

To be honest, when I had moved in here, I often felt stressed and sometimes unhappy. It was because of all of this clutter around me. It took up space in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom – it was everywhere! I often felt like the only chance to feel at peace was in my boyfriend’s room (which was technically half mine, as well).

These events took place August 2018.

Long story short, his two siblings eventually left so it was just my boyfriend, his mom, and niece and myself. Not to get involved into too many details of my boyfriend’s family lives, his mom whose room used to be in the basement, now got relocated upstairs of the house. We played musical chairs with the bedrooms… My boyfriend and I went downstairs into the basement, then his mother went into his brother’s old room. His niece got her mother’s room.

I decided to go to school so his brother told me I could have his desk. In order to bring the desk downstairs, we needed to declutter the basement, since as you remember, it was filled with things from ceiling to floor. It took us awhile to convince her to start this journey since she was always tired from taking care of her granddaughter. But we were getting pressed for time since school so we had to hurry this journey, another thing I do not recommend unless you prefer to spend a weekend purging instead of doing a bit a day.

We eventually ended up clearing out the whole basement with help from his brothers to carry out bulky unwanted items, with his mom’s consent since these were her belongings.

So what we did was…

Removed any items that didn’t belong (for us this included, multiple dressers, desk, a bed, and a bunch of “just in case” items).

His older brother left without taking all of his stuff so we ended up packing some of his things and placed them in containers in a corner.

His mother was the same, when it came to some of her things so her stuff is in another corner. Well the basement is somewhat divided into a recreational space and the laundry room, so his brother’s stuff is stacked in the laundry room. And his mom’s is stacked in the recreational room. I know it isn’t the ideal living, but we are saving up to move out for our own place soon.

After that, we ended up giving this room lots of TLC, by dusting, vacuuming, etc. We decorated with new curtains and our sense of style. We then started bringing down our stuff from our room. His older brother helped us bring his desk for my studies.

It was such a great feeling to finish cleaning out the basement. I was able to have a desk and set up my vision board above my desk of all of my goals. A lot of my goals are traveling and school. I do eventually want to pursue my Masters degree and Doctorate degree as well. I know a lot of hard work lies ahead of me, and that’s okay, I am up for any challenge.

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