The Beginning

I have helped out a lot of my family members and friends to live with less. I love the idea of living with less stuff. To me, living with less, helps eliminate stress in my every day life. Just so you know, when I am talking about my journey, I speak without any judgement to the people I live with, the ones I’ve helped and with the people reading this. I will never judge people based on their way of living. I offer people going through this journey support and positive vibes.

When it comes to things that people decide on donating, I know that it has to be the person’s decision to donate these items. I would never make that decision without the person’s consent. I only suggest ideas and offer support to them. I also never throw out anyone’s belongings without their permission, because if I did that, then they aren’t learning anything in the process. It has to be their decision to let go of things. It’s part of their journey.

The way I look it at is, if you throw out a person’s things, they would just find something else to collect. And this action will not really change their behaviour of collecting things. That’s what this journey is about, they learn a lot about themselves, like their reasoning to hold on to things. It is usually is caused from something that happened in their life, that has shaped them into the way they are today.

From the people I have helped, their reasoning to hold on to things is because of money and they already have lost so much beforehand. This explains why others often find this process to be overwhelming for them. And that’s okay. Any signs of discomfort means you are going out of your comfort zone. You just to start small and keep on working towards your goals. No one has ever regretted donating their things to other people.

In order to overcome this and be comfortable with less, they need to learn what lead them to this behaviour. This is where I come in and help.

Hop on board, you’re on the journey of a lifetime.

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