My Journey

My boyfriend lives with his mom (and at the time his two siblings) to help her out. When I first moved in with them, I felt very overwhelmed. I had no idea so much stuff can fit in such a small room.

The house lacked organization by having things everywhere. I can tell that not every item had a “home”. As I learned more about his mom, I realized where the issue came from. Not to get in to a lot of detail, but it pretty much stemmed from not having a lot of disposable income and the lost she has faced in her life. She felt like she needed to hold on to a lot of “just in case items”, which took up a lot of space in the house. My boyfriend’s sister was the same way and his brother inherited the desire to have a lot of clothes from their mom.

I guess my boyfriend was alienated by having so much stuff, that he wanted to have less, so he doesn’t have a lot of stuff.

Their basement which is a decent amount of space, was full of stuff from ceiling to floor. The kitchen which was already small, had a lot of stuff on the countertops. This didn’t make for a serene kitchen to cook in. The dinning room table was always cluttered that we couldn’t have meals on it.

I feel like this was my purpose in life, to help others. I often felt like I was people’s lighthouse when their life was in a storm.

I started very small, mostly because I didn’t want to overwhelm her and step on anyone’s toes. Especially since I moved in a few months prior to doing this, so I wasn’t sure how people were going to react.

I rearranged some of her drawers in the kitchen. In the top drawer is now where we keep cutlery, can opener, knives, chop sticks, etc. The drawer below that was the hot beverage drawer (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) alongside sugar, honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. The third drawer is where we keep tea towels at the front of the drawer, and in the back is where we store the other table cloth and place mats. And finally the last drawer stores the not so common kitchen utensils.

After I spent a few hours rearranging it, I can tell everyone was impressed and appreciated it a lot.

This is pretty much where our journey brings.

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